Why Eyelash Extensions

  • No smearing or smudging; perfect for weddings, holidays and special occasions, as well as full time wear
  • Eyelash extensions can be semi-permanent ways to bring out the best of your eyes, expert stylists will incorporate your natural eyelashes to give you a beautiful yet natural look
  • Saves you time in daily beauty maintenance (no more false lash application, mascara etc)
  • That feeling of being “made up” but without any make up on
  • Feels both natural and weightless while protecting your natural eyelashes
  • Extensions are water resistant (24 hours after application)
  • You can choose between various eyelash types from voluminous to natural

Why Foxy Eyelashes

  • Foxy lashes with a luxury experience
  • Beautiful, hygienic, synthetic mink and silk lashes are always used by our expert stylists
  • Strict hygiene means the use of bactericide, UV light box, and sanitizing between clients
  • Eye shape assessment to bring out your eyes and their best features
  • Advanced techniques used including Russian volume multi lash pick up, capping, layering, feathering, candy caning, stacking, etc...
  • All eyelash stylists are constantly maintained up to date in their training and with the latest new techniques
  • Advanced eyelash technician with Russian Volume training and Bella Lash licensing
  • Relaxing and comfortable treatment - time for yourself